First Cruise Carbon Trike Repair

Well it’s finally happened.  I’ve had to make my first repair on my Nirvana Cruise Carbon Trike.  After flying on Monday I loaded up my trike into my trusty walk-on garden trailer and carted everything home.  I rolled my trike into the garage and buttoned everything up.  Thought all was well.  The next day I was walking past my trailer when I noticed a small silver object wedged between the floor boards.  When I looked closer it was one of the locking pins that fasten the motor frame on body of the trike!

When I picked the pin up and examined it I found that the ball bearings that allow the pin to lock in place had fallen out.  I’m currently looking for a replacement pin but in the mean time I don’t want to be grounded!  Since the ball bearings only serve to secure the pin in place and don’t bear any loads, the pin does that, I just needed to find a way to secure the pin once it has been inserted.   I still have some safety wire left over from my airplane build projects so I used that to hold the pin in place.  I can fly until I locate a replacement pin.  Pins, actually.  I’m going to order a new set to keep on hand.


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