PPG Add-Ons

I’ve added a few things to my trike.  First, I wasn’t really happy with just clipping my radio on to a strap with just the belt clip on the radio.  It wasn’t that secure.  So I ordered a radio case from 5.11 Tactical.  I have to pull the radio out to change frequencies but I don’t anticipate having to do this very often.  In fact, I usually use the frequency lock function of my Icom radio to make sure I don’t inadvertently change the frequency.  I mounted the case on the left side of the harness.


I also ordered a GoPro Hero4 Silver and a handlebar / tube mount.  I also put a mount on top of my helmet.  I tried mounting the tube mount in various locations but none seemed to work out that well.  The engine would vibrate the heck out of the camera affecting video quality.  I finally settled for mounting on the foot peg of the nose wheel.  We’ll see how this works out.

I can either point the camera forward for flying video or point it upwards for shots of myself and the wing.  Next time out I’ll take a couple of flights with the GoPro facing forward, upward, and mounted to my helmet.  Just to see how the three points of view compare.


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