Walk-on Trailer Ramp Spring

It seems like the ramp on the trailer I used to transport my PPG trike gets heavier and heavier each time I have to open or close it.  To save my back I attached a spring to one side.  However, that only helped a little.  I’m going to have to attach another spring on the other side.  Here are some moving pictures that describe what I did…

3 thoughts on “Walk-on Trailer Ramp Spring

  1. Brian

    If your springs don’t work out, perhaps a hand crank winch. The type they use on small boat trailers to pull boats onto the trailers, I think they sell for about $30.00. Hopefully the springs will do the trick.

    1. One spring has made it somewhat easier to lift. I tried adjusting the attach points so that the spring would stretch more, but then I couldn’t even lower the ramp. I think leaving the spring in this position and just adding another one on the other side will make it just about right.

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