God’s Unexpected Graces


This morning I had the distinct displeasure of having my heart stress tested.  It would have been fine if it was just walking on a treadmill. I have no problem with that.  What I was not expecting was the IV needle they put in my arm and left there for the duration.  I didn’t know how many injections were involved in a stress test!  So they stuck the IV needle in so they could just stick me one time for all the injections that are involved.  I don’t get along with needles.

The bright spot in the morning came after the treadmill test.  I was talking to the nurse about my job situation and just off-handedly remarked that “Someone” had always taken care of my family and I and “He” always would.  Even in the next life.  Then she quoted a verse from the Psalms to me.  To which I replied “Oh, you’re a Christian too!”  She finished taking all the leads off me and as I was about to walk out she asked, “Do you mind if I pray for you?”

She held both my hands and prayed a beautiful prayer asking God to continue to care for my family and I through my job loss and search and for wisdom and for patience and… etc.  Afterwards I squeezed her hands and told her what a wonderful witness for Christ she had been this day.  I only regret that I didn’t pray for her too.  You can bet I will pray for her tonight.

Thank you Tammy.  You were a blessing to me today.

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