RV Dreaming

The great thing about dreams is that you can dream whatever you want.  Dreams don’t have to be grounded in reality.  Sometimes though you can realize your dreams even if only for a short time.  Cristy and I got to do just that for a few hours this past weekend.  We traveled down to Pomona to visit the Best RV Show at the Pomona Fairplex.  Or goal was to evaluate the two models of Grand Design 5th wheel coaches we had been considering.  Then we experienced the first of two surprises this year at the show.

The first surprise was that Grand Design has introduced a new model and we fell in love with it.  It’s Grand Design Solitude 300GK.


We like the fact that it’s only 35 feet long, has a separate closet for the washer/dryer, and a telescoping TV that reveals a huge picture window when the TV is lowered.   Which is where we’ll probably keep it.  Our absolute favorite model is the new 360RL but at almost 40 feet long is just a little too long for us.  Most state and national parks cap out at 35 feet so that’s what we’re trying to stick to.

The other surprise was that we found out that Winnebago has purchased Grand Design RV.  We aren’t sure how to take this news yet.  It could be very good depending on what the intentions of Winnebago are but it could also spell the end of Grand Design as we know it.  Since we are a few years away from purchasing we have time to find out.


As I read this press release the more I think that Thor was probably posturing for a hostile takeover of GD and they decided to ally with a name synonymous with the RV industry rather than get swallowed up by Thor.  At any rate as I already said, time will tell.

Despite this news Cristy and I really enjoyed our time away.  We got to be with each other and spend time talking or just being quiet and enjoying the passing scenery.  Car travel has kind of become our refuge from the world.  We load up our snacks, crank up our favorite tunes on Spotify and hit the road.  It’s fun to dream about when this will be our reality.  For now we get to live it in bits and pieces and that’s enough.  For now.


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