The Great Gift Exchange

Heard a great message from our pastor this weekend.  He was using gift exchanges as an illustration.  You give each other gifts at Christmas and then within a day or two, MANY people are at the store exchanging these gifts for something else.  Maybe something that’s a different color, a different size, or just something plain better!  He made the point that this is what God did for us.  We brought him our brokenness, our deceit, our pathetic worship, our shortcomings, our evil, our sins.  But He exchange all of them for His grace, mercy, and His Son.  We brought filth, He exchanged it for His holiness.  We brought disobedience, He exchanged it for His Son’s obedience.  All the debts that we owed were paid by His son, Jesus Christ.  Truly the greatest gift exchange in history.

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