The Greatest Gift

This was the craziest year I’ve ever had to live through.  Our son turned violent seemingly out of nowhere.  I was told I was being laid off.  Wife and daughter battling various gut-related ailments.  Mother-in-law with health problems.  Adjusting to a new church.  The temptation to give up and grumble about all our problems was fierce.  Instead, my prayers changed.  I stopped asking God for anything.  I merely praised Him in my prayers.

I acknowledged Him as the maker of the universe, and all that is contained in it.  The stars are as works of His fingers.  In truth WE are the work of His fingers, the stars were spoken into existence.   He spoke all there is into existence except humans.  He scooped up the dirt with His own hands and formed us.  He breathed His own breath into us.  Wouldn’t the same God bear my family through these trials?  In fact, He did.

In fact I appreciate the green pastures to which He has led me far more now that He has born me through the desert.  I prayed to Him in faith and He responded to me in faithfulness.  What’s more, He provided a Savior to relieve me of the burden of my sins.  The season we now celebrate is the coming of that Savior.  I do not celebrate the arrival of sweet baby Jesus, I celebrate the coming of the Lord of Armies!  The arrival of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords!  All glory and power and honor are His.  The same hands that formed us out of the dirt are the same hands that were pierced for our transgressions.  The same hands that bore me through my trials, the same hands that relieved me of my burdens and blessed me with the peace and joy I now have.  These hands brought my family and I the greatest gift we will ever receive.  A gift we get to receive every day for the rest of eternity!

May you and your families enjoy the peace brought by the Lord of Armies, the conquering King; Yeshua Hamashiach!

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