PPC Assembly Day 3

One thing you’ll find as you follow the progress of this build is that things go slowly.  After all, there’s no rush.  Getting there is half the fun.

While I’m waiting for my fuel pump to show up I went ahead an drilled the holes for the regulator.


I don’t have the bolts for that yet so I set it aside and decided to mount the throttle quadrant.  I did find one problem with the throttle in that the seat interferes with the throttle travel.  I’m going to have to trim the throttle handle just a bit.


Tomorrow, the battery box.

UPDATE:  Tom Connelly, factory manager for Six Chuter suggested I just bend the throttle arm just above the choke control (that lower lever).  I bent it as suggested and the throttle clears the seat with no issues.  The choke lever also moves freely.  Problem solved!

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