PPC Assembly Day 11

Progress for today:

  1. Strobe mounted and wired in.
  2. Fuel tubes and squeeze bulb fabricated.
  3. Battery ground cable installed.

I found that I mounted the started solenoid in the wrong place.  It can still work here.  The only problem would be the longer rear wire.  If I can’t tuck it away safely, I’ll move the solenoid.


2 thoughts on “PPC Assembly Day 11

  1. C. Dar Nelson

    Hellio, I have a Rans 6es Rotax 912 100 hp. Was wondering if you have ever considered adding an electrical backup to your plane? I just had an experience where mine just stopped prior to take off. Voltage dropped to nothing fairly fast and then crickets.

    Glad I wasnt in the air. Just havent heard much about this kind of issue happening out there. Its my understanding the battery must have enough charge to spark the ignition or, like a car it will not fly.

    What are your thoughts on the topic?

    1. I no longer have the Rans. Since it has two ignition modules I always felt fairly safe. Flew it over the mountains all the time with no worries. You could always add a second battery in parallel to give you more time in the air in case of generator failure.

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