What’s In A Day?

Another Father’s Day has come and gone.  It was bittersweet.  I went to have a visit with my father on Saturday and we had a small family get-together.  It was nice.

Sunday on Father’s Day proper we did… nothing.  My only recognition as a father was to stand up in church while all fathers everywhere were recognized.  My daughter caught me after church and gave me a hug and wished me a happy Father’s Day.  And that was pretty much all that made the day special.  No cards, no dinner, not even a cupcake.  I treated myself to a chocolate shake at Carl’s Jr.  Yay Dad!

I feel like my children think I’m optional.  They both relate really well to their mother about which I’m very glad.  But I feel I could drop off the planet and they would be sad for a few days but then life would go on as normal without much impact on their lives.

I have to say I didn’t think this would sting as much as it does; not getting any recognition from my family, but it does.  To my wife’s credit she wrote me a very nice note which I really appreciate.  It helped salve the wound.   And a very sweet woman at work wished me a happy Father’s Day on a sticky note and gave me a bag of cashews… so there’s that.

Okay, I’ve vented.  I’ll slip back into the shadows of irrelevance.

3 thoughts on “What’s In A Day?

  1. Melanie

    Wow! Sounds like my Mother’s Day and my 60th birthday. My kids would have overlooked both “mom” events without intervention. Same for their dad. Prompting was necessary. I was thinking that next year, I would go to the same lengths for them that they do for me. 👍

    I love you! I think you are smart and funny a hard worker and great spiritual leader for your family.

    1. Thanks Melanie. I know all parents go through this and I know my kids love me. Like I said… it just stung more than I thought it would. I must be getting emotional in my middle-ish age.

      And though I’ve not said it, my opinion is that you are a tireless defender, advocate, and caretaker of your family. Even if they don’t notice or appreciate it, I notice. Just saying. There should be awards for people like you. Then again I suppose Christ IS the reward for all we do. Love you. 🙂

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