Sunday Morning Test Flight

I took a flight this morning to test out the fuel flow meter I installed.  I ran into a couple of issues though.  The fuel flow meter requires +12V and ground to operate.  I tapped into the 12V connection to my starter switch and the ground connection on my kill switch.  However, this would not allow the engine to run.  It grounded out the kill switch line so the motor would not start.  I’ll have to find a different ground connection.

The second issue I ran into is when I am running at cruise RPM, and then would advance the throttle, the engine would hesitate and then rev up to the desired RPMs.  I think this may have something to do with the fuel sensor.  I’m going to disconnect it for  the next flight and see if the engine runs any better.

The last item is my kill switch.  Sometimes it doesn’t kill the engine after landing.  I’m going to replace that switch and see how it goes.

Other than that it was a wonderful Sunday morning flight!

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