We’ve had a little bit of life happen since my camping trip.  Nothing major.  We travelled to Austin, TX so my wife could attend a medical seminar.  I just went for some R&R.  I spent the long weekend strolling about the grounds of the resort we stayed at, and reading pulp detective novels from the ’60s.  Good stuff.  Like  fried Twinkies for the brain.

We spent one afternoon in downtown Austin strolling South Congress Ave.  We sampled some of the restaurants there but everything was full on an early Sunday afternoon.  We ended up eating at a chain taco place called Torchie’s.  Pretty good tacos.  We had dinner at True Food Kitchen to satisfy Cristy’s gluten free needs.

I’m still trying to sell my trailer and buy something smaller and cheaper.  There’s lots of “interest” out there but not a whole lot of people willing to actually spend money.  Other than the folks that are offering less than half of what I’m asking.  Don’t even bother to return their calls.  One guy was going to buy it but then he kept changing the terms of when and where we’d meet.  Then demanded to come to my house when I wasn’t even home and just pay my wife.  Not happening.  He told me if I wasn’t willing to do that then I could just forget about him buy my trailer.

And after this paragraph… forgotten.

We are looking to buy our Lance 1995 trailer in the spring.  Probably the worst time to buy a trailer because that’s when everyone is buying trailers.  But I have to wait for a tax refund to come in before I can buy it.  That will allow me to pay off my truck and then start with the trailer payments. 🙂

One thought on “Happenings

  1. Melanie Hopkins

    Nothing like travel to make us CRAVE an RV. I will NOT miss airline travel. Not one bit. I like your Lance floor plan. We cannot decide which way to go yet Class A, Class C, 5th wheel…God’s plan will be revealed to us eventually. 👍

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