First RV Mod

I belong to an RV owners group called LOA or Lance Owners of America.  Once of the points of pride in ownership for Lance owners is the modifications or “mods” they have done to their RV.  I’ve completed my first mod.  The trailer comes with a large closet in the back with a single shelf near the top.  We plan to use the closet as a pantry and storage area.  To that end I installed two more shelves in the closet.  I also added a couple of Command brand broom hangers.  There was one little “oops” but I was able to conceal it fairly well.  Cristy is pleased with the result so I’m not going to point it out! 🙂

Normally they would be mounted so that the lip would be pointing down so that you can hang clothes from them.  I mounted them with the lip facing up to keep items from falling off the shelves during transit.  Here are a few photos of this first mod.

I’ve got a pretty good sized list of mods I want to make to the trailer but some of them are pricey so they will have to happen over time.  Here is a list of the mods I want to make:

  • Front Window Cover – To protect the front window from road debris
  • Oxygenics Shower Head – To replace the factory shower head which has very low water flow.
  • Upgraded bed lift struts – The bed lifts up to reveal more storage.  The factory struts are not strong enough to hold the bed up when opened.
  • Bedside closet organizers – The closets on each side of the bed can actually hold more if shelving is used rather than the hanger rod that is in the closet by default.
  • Receiver Hitch – To be installed on the back of the trailer.  This will allow for the mounting of accessories such as a bike rack.

Here is a list of the mods I have already done.  I’ll have to get some pictures of these and write more about them in a future post.

  • TPMS System – Tire Pressure Monitoring System.  Allows me to monitor trailer tire pressure and temperature.
  • Bug screens – Screens over heater and refrigerator exhaust openings prevent insects from entering these openings when not in use.

That’s it for now.  We are really enjoying this little trailer.

2 thoughts on “First RV Mod

  1. Ted and Dana

    Looks Nice ! The Oxygenics shower head is a worthy investment. It works great ! Be careful installing anything on the rear bumper. First off it could void your warranty. Secondly it is very flimsy. If you use something like “Safety Struts” it helps a lot. I had them and they work as advertised. There is also the option of the Stromberg Carlson a frame receiver. You mount your bikes on the front using your existing bike rack. I liked it a lot better than haveing them bouncing around on the back out of sight.

  2. Yeah the bumper is just basically a hollow tube used to hold the sewer hose. 🙂 Actually the receiver hitch used on the Lance bolts into the frame and comes out underneath the bumper but doesn’t attach directly to it. My only problem with adding any weigh near the hitch is my trucks pathetic cargo carrying capacity! At this point I have to try to put as much weight on the trailer axles as possible. But when I get a bigger truck in a few years, who knows!

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