Jackson Rancheria RV Park

We just got back from a two night stay at Jackson Rancheria RV Park.  Jackson Rancheria is a casino owned by a local tribe of Miwuk Indians.  I have to admit, we’re not casino people and we didn’t venture to the casino.  But the RV park is top notch and the owners should be proud of what they have created.  We were greeted warmly when we arrived and I did not have to ask a single question.  Christina, who checked me in, answered every question I had before I even asked!  The RV spots are spacious and there is ample room between spots.   We had a back in spot on the east edge of the park.  The wide concrete pad was level and was surrounded by grass.  We were also given a garbage bag when we checked in just in case we didn’t have any.

As I was setting up a familiar face walked into my campsite.  It was my old buddy Bob!  Bob and I were aviation buddies back in the day.  We even owned an aircraft together for a brief time until my OCD couldn’t handle it any longer.  We chatted for a bit and thin I finished setting up.  After getting set up we took a walk around the park on their nature trail, after visiting with Bob and his wife some more.  The trail loops around the perimeter of their park.  We stopped in the office and helped ourselves to free popcorn.  Then we headed back to make dinner and catch up on some movies.


The next morning after breakfast we drove down in to Jackson and walked around their downtown district.  It was nice but not much was open on Monday morning.  Seems the weekends are their big days.  Afterwards we drove to Sutter Creek which had a larger historic district and more stores were open.  We had lunch, shopped a little, then drove to Lake Tabeaud Day Use Area for a little hike.  It was overcast but still kind of warm and balmy.  The landscape was rich and green with all the recent rains.  We drove home for more dinner and movies.

The following morning was “go-home” day.  We slept in, had a late breakfast then packed up and drove home.  We really enjoyed Jackson Ranceria’s RV Park and since it’s so close to home we’ll definitely be back many more times!


6 thoughts on “Jackson Rancheria RV Park

  1. Melanie Hopkins

    Cristy, you look so cute!! Great narrative, Scott. I think we could also be comfortable in a place like that. I really like concrete pads!! We’re you picking up satellite and watching movies or did you take DVDs?

  2. Personally we just downloaded some movies on to our iPad and connected it to the TV with an HDMI cable and watched that way. The WiFi in the park was actually good enough for us to watch some TV on Amazon that we did not download. We’re currently going back through Monk and watching Chuck for the first time.

    1. Melanie Hopkins

      We enjoyed watching Monk, Psych and Parks & Recreation with the boys. We’ll have to check out Chuck. I’ve always liked Adam Baldwin—esp in Firefly.

      We do watch RV lifestyles videos on You Tube, as we continue to educate ourselves. Folks talk about watching TV and working on their computers — even while boondocking. Our experience at the Thousand Trails Park was great cell service (but that’s our provider) and internet only sitting at the clubhouse and only using the code you pick up each day from the receptionist.

      And of course parks are different and boondocking is different. But knowing what equipment is involved, the satellite dish, the WiFi booster, the cell booster…and do I care that much about what’s on tv to even go down that road? 🤷‍♀️ Meh.

      I’ve kept both our cd and dvd collections. We’ll be maintaining a small storage unit do we can “check out” media and seasonal clothing, board games and sports equipment as needed.

      Are you still planning on going to Hardin Cemetery this summer? That’s going to be a test of how much to take, including the right tools for emergency repairs and how many hours you are comfortable driving.

      It’s exciting to see posts about how y’all are managing all of it, but , even more, it’s balm for the soul knowing that you have time now in your lives for each other, enjoying the world together.

      I’m looking forward to doing the same.

      1. TV really isn’t that important to us it’s just nice to watch something after dinner or before bedtime. We generally want to be outdoors. I’ll probably bring along a few DVDs just in case we’re in an area that has absolutely no internet.

        Yes we’re still planning on going to Hardin in the fall. I’ve taken 3 weeks off of work to give us enough time to get there and back at a nice leisurely pace. And yes I’m already developing a list of the must haves versus the nice to haves. I’ll get a few items for emergencies but everything else will just pick up as we go. Otherwise I would spend so much on accessories I couldn’t even afford the trip!

        There is always light at the end of the tunnel but sometimes it’s a long tunnel. We have to just rely on God’s grace in the meantime.

  3. Cristy Van Artsdalen

    It is a great place to unwind and so close by. The trail, mist on the hilltop and those ducks by the lake combined with balmy weather is so healing. You would enjoy this place Melanie! even if you just read a book outside or just stare at nature 🙂

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