The Beauty In Our Backyard

We love to travel; to visit and see places we’ve never been.  Sometimes though, there are some pretty amazing things to see in your own backyard.  Maybe not your literal backyard but close to home, if you only look.

This past weekend Cristy and I took a walk through Oak Grove Park in Ripon, Ca.  It isn’t in the most pleasant part of Ripon being located next to their sewage treatment plant. But even there we could find beauty.

You can just make out the trail that runs off into the grove of oak trees for which the park is named.


However, for this walk we stuck to the paved path that runs along the Stanislaus River.




With all the recent rain our drought-stricken state has received you could easily mistake this for England.  This area is normally covered with brown grasses.  The Stanislaus River is running very high right now.  Normally these trees are not in the water.  Water managers are releasing a lot of water in anticipation of the thaw of the heavy snow pack we received in the mountains this winter.


It’s hard to believe that at one time boats navigated these rivers. The rivers used to be so large that there were several ferries in the area to get people across them.  Agriculture and water management (dams) have pretty much turned the river into a canal.  Still, a very beautiful canal.

Be sure to stop and take a look you your backyard and see if you can spot the beauty that almost certainly is there.


2 thoughts on “The Beauty In Our Backyard

  1. Melanie Hopkins

    Beautiful walk along the water. Reminds me of the years when the creek behind our Pinole house ran fast and high after a heavy rainy season.

  2. I remember one year the creek looked more like class 5 rapids. The water stood up in a wave that was above San Pablo Ave and the storm drains on the side streets looked like water fountains with water streaming up through the holes.

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