Friday Morning Flight

It was the first day of my RV trip with Cristy so like all good campers I decided to start the day with an airplane flight!

I didn’t have any real destination in mind but I did have one goal: to make an aeronautical check-in on the SARA Morning Traffic and Information Net.  It’s the Ham radio group I belong to.  They have a get-together over radio every weekday morning.  I wanted to check in from the airplane.

After the Ham radio check in I just flew around the foothills for a while enjoying the beautiful morning.  It wasn’t a long or special flight but it was nice and relaxing.


Here is a video of the approach and landing back at Oakdale.

And here is the little beast I was flying.


And from there the day just got better when I went camping with Cristy.  More on that in my next posting.

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