Flight to Auburn, CA

Had a great time with my flying buddy Jordan this past Saturday.  We rented the trusty little Cessna 152 from Oakdale Aero Club and flew out to Auburn for breakfast.  It’s called the Wings Grill and Espresso Bar and they serve a great breakfast.  Jordan and I got there before the breakfast rush and sat out on the patio and watched the takeoffs and landings while we had breakfast.  What a GREAT way to spend a morning.

I don’t know which was better, eating breakfast and walking around the airport looking at the airplanes and talking to the odd pilot here and there, or the flight over and back.

Who am I kidding, I know which was funner.  Have a look for yourself.  Here are two videos, the first taken by my camera, the second by Jordan.  Enjoy the trip!

(And yes, I AM going to work on my on-camera personality!)

Scott’s Video:


Jordan’s Video:

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