Trip To Hardin – Day 6

Grand Canyon

Our trip to the Grand Canyon started with chilly, rainy temperatures.  Just yesterday we had the air conditioner on because it was 100 degrees.  Today’s high was 68.  It had rained all night (a novelty for this Californian) but Providencially the rain let up long enough for us to walk to the railway station.  We boarded the Grand Canyon Railway and were treated to some beautiful scenery on the 2 hour trip over and back.  We literally saw deer and antelope.  We did not witness them playing however.

When we finally made it to the Grand Canyon itself the mix of clouds and sky made for some dramatic scenery.  We decided to hike the rim trail in the short few hours we had.  We brought our lunch rather than eating at one of the restaurants (who boast gorgeous views).  I’m pretty sure our view was MUCH better than any window seat in the most expensive restaurant there.

After lunch we continued along the trail until we got to the end and then took a shuttle bus the the visitor’s center, then another shuttle back to the train depot.

I have to say a little more about the train.  I bought the cheapest tickets I could find.  They were in Coach A near the front of the train.  I am so glad I didn’t buy a more expensive ticket because the entertainment in this coach was outstanding.  Our attendant spent the whole time talking to us about the scenery, the history of the area, the railroad, and so on.  And she was a crack-up!  It was like a dinner show the whole way there and back.  They also brought in a couple of musicians who told jokes and played.  One was a fiddle player and the other played (what else?)  The banjo.  “Banjo Billy” was by far the best.  At any rate, if you want to visit the Grand Canyon and avoid the traffic hassles, take the train!

We got home tired, happy, and again, tired.  But it was a GREAT trip.  I’ll leave you with some miscellaneous photos we took of the canyon.



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