Trip To Hardin – Day 22

Travel Day

This was just a travel day and not much to write about.  Other than the steep 6-8% uphill grade from Camp Verde 30 miles north up to Flagstaff.  It went better than I thought.  The truck performed better than I thought it would.  We stopped off in Kingman to make lunch in the trailer and then after lunch continued on to Needles to stay in the same park as before, Desert View RV Park.  We spent the afternoon catching up on phone calls and I took a much needed nap.  Then dinner, TV, and bed.

2 thoughts on “Trip To Hardin – Day 22

  1. Melanie Hopkins

    A long incline is the true test isn’t it? Your three weeks went by so fast. Those naps are great, aren’t they. 😁

    I’ve been watching Yiu Tube reviews of the Grand Design Imagine Front LR, Mid Kitchen, Rear Master with 1-1/2 bathrooms and a ton of storage. Siiiiiigh

    Inserting a long incline like you had…we will need a big ole dually. 😔

    Still too many choices.

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