More 5th Wheels

Today Cristy and I drove to a near by RV dealership who carry Grand Design RVs.  We wanted to check on the build quality in their latest models.  I also wanted to check out their newest model.

Solitude 310GK

While we had really liked the 344GK from my previous blog posting we decided that the dinette being on the driver’s side of the coach was not what we wanted.   We prefer the dinette on the passenger side.  This is the side of the coach which, when you are parked, becomes your “front yard”.  With the dinette on the driver’s side you overlook your neighbor’s “front yard”.  It makes for somewhat a lack of privacy.  We are also less enthralled with the small desk of the 344GK.  If we wanted to add a desk we could do so in the 310GK by removing the rear couch.  The dinette could also make for quite a useable desk.  The 310GK is also somewhat shorter which makes it easier to tow and maneuver.

Solitude 390RK

The Solitude 390RK is the newest model to roll out of Grand Design’s doors.  From the standpoint of livability this one suits us best.  Dual his and her bathroom sinks and a HUGE rear kitchen are what really appeals to us.  The kitchen has an amazing amount of counter space; almost as much as my current house.  There is also a lot of cabinet space in the kitchen.  Not to mention the HUGE under kitchen storage bay.  The only drawback is the length; almost 42 feet long.  Anyone can learn to tow a trailer this long but it does limit your destinations.  We would be pretty much limited to newer RV resorts.

At this point all I can say is that I’m glad we have more time to decide!

4 thoughts on “More 5th Wheels

  1. You might want to check this Riverstone model The layout picture doesn’t do it justice. Take a look at the 360 tour or Big Truck Big RV’s YouTube tour of it. I have to say the layout for that Grand Design 390RK is sweet! The bathroom layout looks very nice as well as the kitchen layout looks very good. We are considering the Grand Design Momentum 376TH or the 397TH, and after the RV show in January, we added the Riverstone 39FKTH to our list of RVs to consider. These are all over 40 feet.

    1. That’s a nice floorplan though I’m not a fan of the door in the bedroom. The bathroom looks a little cramped too. It’s hard to beat Grand Design. That being said we’re also considering some of the Vanleigh 5th wheels. Take a look if you haven’t already. Made by Tiffin, the motor coach folks.

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