4 thoughts on “Nightwish

  1. Melanie

    That was something! I loved the fan’s comments. I’m sad I can’t share it with Thomas. He would be ecstatic over all of the perfectly aligned elements in this performance. I sent it to James. He was listening– with ear buds– at 5:45 AM. Thanks for sharing, Scott!

      1. Melanie

        I’ll check out more of their stuff. They really are the whole package. A few other people made note of the drummer. Some felt he didn’t get enough kudos for his part. I honestly don’t know where drummers get their energy. It seems exhausting. But then the singer has to exhausted after all of THAT. What a set of pipes she had. And that these musicians can go on and play ANOTHER song AFTER THIS ONE!?! It’s pretty amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed it and Celtic music is one of my favorite genres, which I used as background music during our wedding reception. We will be hooking up our music system ASAP after we move. Music makes unpacking less arduous.

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