The Great Awakening: The NSA’s Plan To Save The World

I’ve been following Q for only a short time. But the more I’ve researched the more I’ve found that everything we thought was true… was a lie. A very scary time is coming but we will get through it and on the other side it will be so much better. Give these two videos a watch as an intro to Q. Open your mind and all the pieces will come together and you’ll see it’s true.

The Great Reset


Human Trafficking


Satanic Worship

Take time to research the above. Our government is taking part in them and has been infiltrated to a horrific degree. That is all about to come to an end. It started with a raid on a server farm in Frankfurt Germany and will go so much farther. Our country, our world is being taken back.

Here are two signs: President Trump will tell us to remain in our homes while the military takes down Antifa and BLM.

Wait for Trumps text, emergency broadcast and Mobilize…time for action ECHO……🇺🇲 — Qanon+ Redcode71 Saturday, November 28, 2020


The second sign is that the dead will come back to life. (They weren’t really dead, but in witness protection programs)

Yes those are obscure but they will make sense once they come to pass.

Take a look this video all the way through and take heart!

If the above link doesn’t work, please try the one below:

Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming!

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