Finally Paddling!

This actually happened two weeks ago and due to work getting in the way of my leisure time I’m finally getting around to writing about it.

As I mentioned in this post we bought a kayak. Our fist try at taking it out on the lake was a bust but a week ago on Friday we were finally able to take it out on Woodward Lake. I’ve flown over Woodward for years, in fact, I learned to fly in the skies directly above Woodward. It’s smack in the middle of Oakdale Airport’s practice area. However, this was my fist time to actually visit it on the ground. We drove out to the lake and when we were checking in asked the ranger at the front gate if he knew any good areas to launch a kayak. He pointed us to a GREAT area for first timers. No one was there (on a Friday morning) and the launch point was very close to the parking area.

This was perfect because we didn’t want a crowd watching our attempt to get in the water and start paddling around. We set it up and got it inflated. There was very little wind and the water looked great!

Perfect day for the maiden voyage of our kayak.
What shall we do with the drunken sailor?

After getting everything set up in the kayak we carried it to the shore and set the front half in the water. Cristy climbed in a got settled and then I pushed out and climbed in the back seat. It felt a little wobbly at first but with those two huge air chambers making up the sides it resists tipping… to a degree. You can still flip it without trying too hard. At any rate we got settled and started out for uncharted waters.

Lake Woodward is basically a low spot out in the middle of Oakdale’s grazing lands so there isn’t much in the way of scenery around it.

Look! Prairie grass!

But with patience you can find some interesting coves around the lake.

We went out twice on the lake and really enjoyed it. We’ll probably go back again and go a little farther. This time with sunscreen!

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