The Neighbor’s Car – Part 2

What a jerk is absolutely right! Except it’s not him, it’s me. I put aside my foolish pride today and actually took the opportunity to meet my neighbor. He’s a big guy, very intimidating, doesn’t smile a lot. He commutes 80 miles one way to work. I wouldn’t smile much either. After introducing myself and talking to him for a little bit he volunteered why he was parking in front of my house. There is a street light in my front yard. His car has been broken into several times. He started parking under the streetlight in an attempt to discourge the car thieves.

Apparently he comes from a bad neighborhood and had high hopes when he moved to our neighborhood. He wanted to live with nice people in a nice neighborhood. Well, I guess we really showed him. Looks aren’t everything. Whether it be tough-looking neighbors who are actually very nice or a nice-looking neighborhood that really isn’t. My apologies, neighbor. Welcome to the neighborhood. I’ll help keep an eye on your car.

Thank you Lord for keeping an eye on me. As always, I am in your debt. Gloria Patri! Soli Deo gloria!

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