My dinner with Paco

My wife and I invited my co- system admin at work, Paco, home for dinner. Paco’s wife and children are attending a funeral in Central America. Paco has seemed a little lonely and is having trouble sleeping at night. We are hoping that a warm, home-cooked meal and the antics of our children will cheer him up. I just want to do a better job of spreading around what God gave me. He gives me peace and joy through my family. I want to show hospitality to the lonely. I want to be the light that God designed and intended me to be.

2 thoughts on “My dinner with Paco

  1. Brother, it is nice to see that God has given you such a gift in hospitality: I sincerely hope that your church is encouraging you in that. I’m sure you’ve touched Paco’s life.

    I noticed you have “worship” listed as one of your interests on your profile… have you ever heard of Hillsong United? I’ve really been into this worship recently (I’m a worship leader).

    I got here from your comments on Morgan’s site (Lovehasapricetag), and I noticed that you speak like a reformed Christian. I was encouraged because we are a dying breed. Maybe I’m wrong though, and you are an Open Theist? just kidding.

  2. Thank you so much, Bro Jonathon. Just went through your blog and must say you have great taste in women. Hope you find one that’s as beautiful on the inside as those women are on the outside. Hey, if you do actually marry Kate Beckinsale can I have a wedding invite?

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