Coming around

I think I’m finally beginning to understand. I’ve read the same arguments for years. It’s much easier to rely on my own wisdom rather than God’s. At least, I thought so.

I once said that the day I stop believing in the free will of man to accept or reject God’s salvation would be the saddest day of my life. As that day creeps closer, I’m beginning to see that it will give me hope rather than sadness. You see, my own father has chosen to reject Christ. He views all religeon as equally bad (ie. controlling, manipulative, self-serving, etc.) If I am to hope that he will someday change his mind, I have no hope. He won’t. So in the Arminian paradigm, my father is as good as lost. In the Calvinistic paradigm, there is still hope that God may yet regenerate my father’s heart. I still plan to witness to him despite his rejections. Perhaps his faith will yet be kindled.

Holy, holy, Lord God Almighty
Worthy is the Lamb Who was slain
Highest praises, honor and glory
Be unto Your name, be unto Your name .

2 thoughts on “Coming around

  1. i LOVE this post! How wise! May the viel be removed from your father’s eyes!

    People ask me all the time how i can be so “reformed” (meaning i believe all 5 points of Calvinism!) when it means God may not have chosen my parents, and many of my close friends or family members. I struggle with this often. i weep over this thought, of “what if He didnt choose ____?” But i always go back to this….everything God does is just, perfect, loving and right. And, if my family’s salvation were up to them, i couldnt have much hope, because when given the choice (without the power of the Holy Spirit) dont we always chose sin? dont we always choose our own glory over God’s? Adam and Eve did this in the garden despite having God actually there with them! But, with God, there is much hope! All things are possible! He can open any eye to the truth of the gospel! yes, I have much more hope in Him than i even could in myslef or any man!

  2. Our Lord has truly been gentle with my instruction. My wife has been consistent with her prayers. And I am finally coming around. Election really does give one more hope. I now have hope for my family and my young children that I didn’t have before. It really takes the heat off of me to try to convince anyone. Now I know that’s really not my job. My job is to spread the Gospel. It’s our Lord’s job to regenerate their hearts to accept the Gospel on faith. I feel like a burden has been lifted.

    Thank you, Sister Morgan. I should be counted as the least wise among men. If I display any wisdom, it comes from God. Your faith in God and your affirming comments do more for me than you will ever know.

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