Keep your dark world to yourself

Got to listen to some co-workers talk about voo-doo and people who talk to spirits. I’m usually very talkative but I sat silently while they talked about relatives that could enter the spirit world like it was cute. They went on and on about how cool it was but how it was also kind of scary. Yeah. You don’t know that half of it boys.

My silence didn’t go unnoticed. They wound up the conversation with, “but you don’t believe in that stuff do you?” Directed to me. I told them that I did indeed beleive in such things but that I thought they were far from cute or interesting. I told them that the Bible tells me not to even discuss such things. So I didn’t. I told them that they are cracking the door to peak into a world in which we have no business. Cracking the door open to the spirit world may give you a peak at what’s inside, but it also lets what’s inside into your world. God blinded us to the spirit world to protect us. That realm is reserved for God and His angels and we have no business being there.

No, give me the world of light. I do everything by light of day. When darkness comes I pray to God to deliver my family to the morning. My hopes are pinned on the one day that dawns in which there will be no sunset. Our Lord will come riding on the clouds, His face shining brighter than the sun, He will carry judgement in one hand, mercy in the other. His appearance will be unmistakable and all darkness will scatter before Him. Amen, come Lord Jesus!

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