A plea for modesty from Modesto

The Dutchman lives in a town in central California called Modesto. It was to be named for it’s founder a one Mr. Ralston. He was too humble to allow that so the town was renamed Modesto for his modesty. That spirit of modesty is sadly lacking around these parts.

I wish I were more like Job. I wish I could make that covenant with my eyes not to look upon a girl with lust. I’ve been living life for 40 years now and still haven’t been able to make that covenant. Ladies, you are enchanting creatures and we men simply cannot take our minds off of you. God made women just right. Has mankind made anything more attractive or beautiful than the female form? The female form is exquisite, enticing, comforting.

Even so I wish women would understand what their forms do to men. I implore all Godly women to dress modestly. Something you may think is cute may reveal portions of your body that should only be revealed to your husband. Save your most precious gifts for him (and all that those words imply.) A flash of cleavage or inner thigh can set even the most Godly men on a course of thought that neither they nor you appreciate. I can’t begin to tell you how much cleavage, how many bellybuttons, or lower back tattoos I’ve see — at church!

Another reason I’ve left the two churches I was attending and found a very conservative reformed church. The elders of my current church are always reminding heads of households that EVERYONE needs to dress modestly but women especially because men are so visual. Paul appealed to women to dress in a way “which is proper for women professing godliness, with good works.” (See 1 Timothy 2:9-11)

I make the same appeal. Adorn yourself in a way to be ready to do good works for the Lord. Helping a Christian brother to not commit adultery in his heart is a wonderful work! Something every Christian sister can do every day.

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