Sing and shout

I attended our church’s Reformation Day celebration this past Friday night. What a blast. The theme was the Scottish reformation. Our pastor dressed as John Knox. We had a lot of highlanders and one lowlander (me, because I’m so short, heh, heh.)

Anyway, at one point in the little service we had a bagpiper began playing Amazing Grace and lead us out of the make-shift chapel we were meeting in. We all began singing but when the piper and the paster left the building, the singing started to die off. I was still singing in my baritone-profundo and so were most of the women but the men just stopped. Wha? What has happend to us men?

In the old days men sang as they worked. Men sang stories to their children. Men sang in bars and pubs. Men even sang as they went off to war. Come on men, we cannot abandong singing to the women. In my opinion, there is nothing as grand, as heartening, and sometimes as chilling as the sound of a large group of men singing with all their heart.

Singing is not childish or feminine. I don’t know when we began to think this but I believe this is how many men feel about singing. Women and children sing sweetly to be sure but there is power in a man’s voice. There is strength in the voices of several men. There is the echo of God’s voice in the sound of a hundred or more men singing praise with all their heart. I am certain that our adversary flees at the sound of Godly men raising their voices to the Lord.

So next time you are at church, or prayer meeting, or church camp, raise your voice when the singing starts. Your voice isn’t bad. You are not singing a solo you are joining the chorus with all those who sing with you. God’s ears hear your voice along with all those who went before you. The very next chance you have join in song with Godly men everywhere and put our adversary to flight!

4 thoughts on “Sing and shout

  1. Brother,
    there are two things that really choke me up in church services (well there are acutally many things, but these two always!) when men pray, and when they sing. it is a beautiful, beautiful sight! keep on singin!

  2. Thanks for sharing your wisdom on my blog, dutchman. It seems like your church is really great – if I’m ever on the other side of the U.S. I’ll have to stop by and worship with you!

    A married couple that I’m friends with had a Reformation Day party, and we watched Luther. It was really funny because they taped up a printout of the 95 theses on their door.

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