Jackpot, NV (06U)

The Dutchman has been to Jackpot Nevada (06U) exactly three times.  The first time on my way to Oshkosh in 2003 and again on my way back.  Then again in 2005 on second trip to Oshkosh.  This is a pretty neat stop.  The airport is run by Cactus Pete’s Resort and Casino.  The gas is inexpensive and is dispensed by the guys that manage the campground which is right next to the airport.  The casino is right across the street as are the eats and the hotel.  The guys at the campground have always been friendly and helpful.  The airport has an interesting approach in that there is a rather large bluff right on the approach which requires a dogleg to get around. 

 I have a video of the approach which I will be adding later.

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