Battle Mountain, NV (KBAM)

I stopped off at Battle Mountain (KBAM) on my return home from my first visit to Oskhosh.  I was fighting a pretty good headwind and decided I better top off before tackling the Sierra Nevada Mountains.  It was very windy here (as usual) but the reason it really stands out in my mind was the young lady that pumped my fuel for me.  Aside from being a strikingly pretty woman she was also very happy.  She was practically dancing with the fuel hose while dragging it from the tuck to my plane.  She was very friendly and kept a big smile on her oil-smudged face even though five planes all showed up at once for fuel.  I asked her why she was so giddy.  She said she was getting married the next week.  To whom?  Well, a pilot of course! 🙂

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