Cottage Grove, OR (61S)



Cottage Grove (61S) is another favorite airport.  Practically all of Oregon’s state-owned airports allow you to camp on the field and that’s just what I do at this airport.  There is a beaufiul river that runs across one end of the runway.  You can pitch your tent on a small bluff just above that river.  Even though you are in town you really don’t feel like it.  You look out your tent and see trees and river but a five minute walk will bring you to Wendy’s and Walmart.  There is also a taxiway that will allow you to taxi right up to town and tie down behind the gas station.  From there you can walk across the street and “camp” in a very nice Motel.  I stayed there once too though I can’t remember the name.  The motel also serves as an RV park and has a couple of acres of manicured green lawn in and around the complex.  There is also a golf course within easy walking distance.  I first visited Cottage Grove on my golf tour of Oregon.  I have since made it a stop on each visit and have even flown there just to camp.  This airport is a must see!

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