Shelter Cove, CA (0Q5)



Shelter Cove (0Q5) is a beautiful trip.  Flying along the rugged sheer cliffs of California’s Lost Cost is breath-taking.  I took a trip here with a few friends last year.  We ate at The Chart Room which is a 2 minute walk from the tie-down area at the north end of the field.  Right across the street was the Inn of the Lost Cost which is situated on the edge of a low cliff.

The airport is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean on 3 sides which makes for a beautiful approach.  The day we landed there were moderate breakers crashing on the rocks just off the approach end of the runway.  It was hard to focus on the numbers with those beautiful waves crashing in front of me.  I’ll go back with a video camera one of these days to capture that approach.  Just gorgeous!

2 thoughts on “Shelter Cove, CA (0Q5)

  1. Hi Kurt,
    You have a beautiful airport there. I wish I could take credit for taking that photo but I got it from I wish I did take pictures of the approach to Shelter Cove, just gorgeous!

    Best of luck on your flying lessons.

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