Hollister Municipal Airport – Hollister, CA (3O7)



Hollister is a neat place to visit.  It’s a WWII era training base that was handed over to the City of Hollister.  Most of the buildings have been kept in tact so you still have that old military feel to the field.  There is also a cafe on the field called the Dingaling which serves pretty good eats.  Hollister is also home to several Reno racers and some gorgeous P51’s.  You’re almost certain to find some hangar doors open on the weekend.  Drop by and take a peek.

2 thoughts on “Hollister Municipal Airport – Hollister, CA (3O7)

  1. Jan

    Is there anyone in the area that gives P-51 rides? I was planning on giving this gift to my husband (the gift of a lifetime), and then found out this morning that the Parachute Center in Lodi doesn’t do that anymore. I was so disappointed.

    Any suggestions?

  2. Nothing around here that I’m aware of. I know there was an outfit in Florida that was doing this. Those old birds have become so expensive that it’s too risky to hop rides in them any longer. Try Googling for P-51 rides and see what you come up with. Best of luck!

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