Apollo 13 Training

Apollo 13We are implementing a new problem tracking process at my employer, McClatchy Newspapers. The process employs a software application offered by Computer Associates. This application makes extensive use of ITIL. ITIL stands for Information Technology Infrastructure Library and is a set of common terms and processes used to identify incidents and resolutions. To drive home the concept of ITIL they had us engage in an Apollo 13 mission. We had to use the concepts we had learned to help solve the problems the astronauts on Apollo 13 were experiencing. It may have been just a game but let me tell you it was intense. Despite the dry subject material this was probably the most clever and entertaining training session I have ever attended.

Hats off to CA and the Dutch inventor of the game (sorry my friend, can’t remember your name, Jan somethingorother). Great job guys!

PS.  Yes, we got the astronauts home alive!

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