More to do, more to do

I can’t stand the fact that those cracks are there on my wing.  I also can’t afford to paint the plane and am planning to polish it.  I can’t polish it with those cracks staring me in the face!!  So, here’s the new plan:

  1. Finish the annual
  2. Fly the plane a little to get it out of my system
  3. Build the new elevators as I have time
  4. When the flying is out of my system, begin drilling out ALL the rivets on the inboard top wing panel and replace that skin.
  5. Polish the entire aircraft

Yes, I’m crazy but I just really can’t stand keeping the plane with those cracks in the wings.  I’m going to hate polishing the plane but I’ll have to do that myself too.  Okay, last plan.  I promise.

One thought on “More to do, more to do

  1. David H

    You might think about setting up a temp spray booth in your hanger. I painted a truck outside in a temporary booth one time (only time). The wind picked up and blew the plastic on it, the bugs flew in…..but all in all it came out pretty good, if I do say. You’ll save yourself a bunch of money and have some tools when done 🙂

    You can pick up a “how to paint an auto” book which will give you the knowledge. The whole trick is to dial the gun in right, and to keep the gun the same distance and perpedicular to the work.

    Have a nice weekend.

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