Crack pictures

I’ve been asked by several people for pictures of the cracking I’m experiencing.  I’ve not been able to get any good pictures of the elevator cracks but I did manage to get pictures of the wing skin cracking.  Here is a pic of those cracks.

Wing skin cracks

7 thoughts on “Crack pictures

  1. The Flying Dutchman

    I wish I could go. I’m taking the family on a vacation to Tenessee in June and that’s going to sap all the vacation funds. I can afford to go to OSH about once every two years. Hopefully they’ll offer the same thing next year.

  2. David H

    It seemed like a good match, but going to Oshkosh every year would be expensive. I take it you went last year? I’m not too sure you would want to stay around all week before/after either. But I couldn’t help but think of you when it posted in case you were going.

    Back to Oshkosh, I’m kinda still “dreaming”. I really need to buy a tool kit but need to wait until I sell something or start working again (for someone who pays, not myself :-(, so it’s kinda neat to still look at all this stuff, (most of which I do not need, or would never buy). I’m glad the truth is not like that. It’s all good, and all needed. Complete.

  3. The Flying Dutchman

    Yeah, I went last year. I get really excited about going and the adventure of the trip and all that. But once I’m there for a couple of days, I really start to miss my family. I don’t know if I could ever stay the whole week unless they were with me.

    So what’s holding you up from starting? Need tools? Need kits? Whazzup?

  4. David H

    I’m tapped out on the house, financially and time wise right now. I could “sqeeze” in some work maybe on the RV4 but that means I would have to work around it finishing the house, and haul it back into the garage. So for now I’m being patient (kinda). Plus I would have to buy at least a 1/2g of tools. Debt is kind of stress-ful and I don’t want my wife to think I have my priorities mixed up. It’s good enough she will let me do this when the time comes, but I need to finish this never-ending mystery house. 🙂 (Have you ever been to the mystery house in San Jose?) But soon enough, because we are getting close, hopefully a couple of months. At that point I will start working until it sells and can shift gears.

    I have been considering trading my other piece of property up here for a flying RV and ditching the building all together for a while. What are those RV’s for sale around Oakdale? Do you think any of the guys would be looking for a trade? The property is valued at $89K, and I may sell it this summer. If the house sells then I plan on building on it (one more time….here we go again) and I would definately not be building until I had that thing sided and a roof on.

    So you can see, my plans are a little loose right now. So till then I am in planning mode. I just got an invitation for Debra and I to go to Sun ‘n’ Fun in a week all expenses paid! Can’t beat that. Mom and Dad offered. Dad wants to go twist some rotors, so we are going along for some R&R. I guess sending my parents to Hawaii a couple of times in the former years is paying off. I think I like the folks retirement!

  5. The Flying Dutchman

    I don’t know if Tom would consider a property trade or not. You could always ask him. It’s a nice RV-6 that’s for sale. The guy that built it is a good Christian man, a retired materials physicist or some such. Contact him at tkuklo (at)

    There is also an RV-4 for sale for $49k that appears to be a really nice airplane. It’s in the VansAirforce Forums:

    Wow, have fun at SunNFun! You know they have the whole placed wired for WiFi? If you have a laptop, bring it along! If not, take a lot of pictures. I’d like to go some day but that’s a long haul. Maybe when my wife is ready for some airplane travel we’ll both go.

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