A pilgrim passing through Vanity Fair

Well I come to you tonight from the financial district in San Francisco.  I’ll be here three days for training on migrating to Exchange 2003.  Yes, it actually is quite fascinating as a matter of fact.

It’s amazing how incredibly weak I become when I go away, however.  Without my wife I feel a lack of stability and balance.  I am supposed to be family leader.  She is supposed to be the weaker vessel.  This may be so but I feel much weaker than she when I am alone and away from her.  What would become of me if she were ever to leave?  She is a veritable prayer warrior.  I have no idea what she prays or how she asks but God listens to her prayer.  I can only conclude that she prays correctly; in all humility and in accordance with God’s will.  She is my wife and I love her dearly.  I miss you and I’ll be home soon.

“Turn your burdens over to the LORD, and he will take care of you. He will never let the righteous person stumble.”
Psalms 55:22  God’s Word

I feel like my walk is a complete stumble.  Have I not cast my burden at the foot of the cross?  Has it not slid into the tomb?  Do I try to dig it up again?  Lord, take my burden and bury it so deep I can never find it again.

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