Disposable Income?

Here’s a short simple question I struggle with: As a Christian, do we have disposable income?  After I’ve paid my taxes, after I’ve paid my bills, after I’ve tithed to the church, after I’ve saved up for retirement and college; if after all that I still have some money left over, is this money disposable?  Am I being a good steward of what God has given me if I take that money and invest it in stocks, bonds, or CDs?  How about buying a sports car?  How about buying that killer must-have piece of avionics for the plane?  How about building a plane?

 What is the Biblical answer?  I’m sure any of these things are legal from a scriptural sense.  However, I have to ask myself if I’m truly being a good steward of the money God has entrusted to me?  I don’t really know the answer but am interested in your comments.  I’m going to be researching this myself and praying about it in my quiet time.

2 thoughts on “Disposable Income?

  1. Bob Gibson

    Good morning,
    Your definition of disposable income is correct…oney left-over after all obligations are met and should include any accelerated debt reduction, should we have any. There may be a few debatable areas, but let’s assume you are right-on.

    In the family, I believe disposable income should be spent in a balanced, consultive manner, not only for our whims (the husband) but those of other family members. This takes discernment on our part. It may also include sacrificial giving above our tithing. This may or may not be to the local church bu to other worthy endeavors, again based on our discernment. We should save for large expenses out of our income ie: vacations, cars etc so as to not incur debt…easier said than done!!

    Flying Dutchman…Good stuff on your BLOG..I’ve never done this but it is interesting and thought provoking…See ‘ya thursday…Bob

  2. The Flying Dutchman

    Thanks for stopping by Bob and I appreciate your wisdom on the subject.

    Saving for a car is a good case in point. Let’s say I have enough money for either choice but my choice is between buying a car that will serve the purpose of getting me from here to there or buying the latest “gotta-have” car with all the latest gadgets in it. Should I just think about what I need or what or should I think about how my decision might affect other believers? If I buy the biggest, fanciest car, the biggest fanciest house, take extravagant vacations, buy or build extravagant airplanes, do I not run the risk of inciting envy in my fellow believers? Is the responsiblity solely on the other guy not to envy me or do I need to conduct myself in a sober manner so as not to cause the other guy to stumble?

    The more I pursue holiness the more I find I have to take into consideration all my actions. This Christian stuff isn’t easy! 🙂

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