Steve the Baptist

Actually Steve was a Baptist but is now a reformed Prebyterian pastor. He is also an all around good guy and friend who baptized me this past Lord’s Day. That’s Sunday for all you evangelicals out there. 🙂

Here is a video of the event:

The story behind my baptism at age 40+ is that no one in my family could remember whether I was baptized or not. Everyone *thinks* I was baptized. I *think* I was baptized. Unfortunately I can’t find any baptism records. No one remembers for sure. Because I’m not sure, I asked to be baptized FOR CERTAIN. So a baptism party was organized by our intrepid Pastor, Steve. I had asked for full immersion in a river but apparently he didn’t have one of those in his backyard so the next best solution seemed to be the swimming pool that he did have in his backyard. There were three other families who wanted their their children baptized so the kids and ol’ Mr. Van (The Flying Dutchman to our aviation fans out there) each took turns coming up out of the water.

Afterwards we we had snacks and fellowship in the best tradition of church functions worldwide. The kids splashed around in the baptismal font…er… pool, and the adults sat around and… yep, talked. Steve’s wife Wendy graciously cooked a delicious dinner for the baptism families that night and we enjoyed a sing-a-long after dinner.

This was a seriously, and spiritually fun and fulfilling day. As we drove home my kids were kind of bummed out that the fun-filled day was over. I rememinded then that we look forward to eternity, spent rejoicing in the presence of our Lord with all of God’s elect.  That is going to make this day seem about as fun as a dental appointment. Oops, we have an elder who’s a dentist, he seems to have great fun with dental appointments. Well, the rest of you know what I mean. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Steve the Baptist

  1. Thank you Brother Tim! Christ commited Himself to me long before the stars ever shone! I’m delighted to acknowledge my portion of His covenant with me through the sacrament of Baptism. Peace on you, bro!

  2. Jenelle Washington

    Congratulations on making that commitment to God. I came across your webpage as I was trying to search for my fiance’s baptism records online. He is in the same situation you were. His parents thinks he was baptized but is not certain. They cannot find any records nor can they remember the name of the church that they think he was baptized in. We are getting married next year and we really need to get copies of those baptism records. Did you ever find out if there were a way to locate this info? If so, please email me. Thanks and Congrats again

  3. Jenelle,
    If your fiance is showing outward evidence of the Holy Spirit abiding in him, then his true baptism (baptism of the Holy Spirit) has already taken place. The physical sprinkling or immersion in water is an outward sign of our covenant with God. It certainly wouldn’t hurt to be baptized again or for the first time as I was.

    I never was able to get hold of any baptism records.

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