Elevator repairs coming along

For those of you who have been keeping track, some cracking was discovered on my left-hand elevator trailing edge.  This was a fairly common problem with the early RV-4 kits.  After consulting with the aircraft kit manufacturor, I decided upon rebuilding the elevator with thicker skins. 

At this point I am now almost done with the left hand elevator.  I just finished mounting the elevator bearings which took some uncharactaristically careful measuring and cutting on my part.  In the photos you can see the bearings and the horizontal stabilizer hinges I had to match the bearings up with.

Here are the holes with the platenuts already revited on

Here’s the bearing installed in the nutplate, also shown is the jam nut

Here are the hinge fittings that I had to carefully match the bearings up with.  Normally when building the entire empanage you would not drill the final positions of these fittings until you had matched them up with the bearings.  I didn’t have that luxury but it still turned out pretty well.  I had to oblong one hole a little but you it doesn’t affect anything, the nutplate provides all the strength.

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