Left hand elevator almost done

The bulk of the work on the left hand elevator is now done. All I have to do is add a little more lead to the counterweight and then attach the fiberglass end tip.


I was a little intimidated by the lead counterweight but it turned out to be fairly easy. What I ended up doing was lining the counter balance ribs with aluminum foil as a form for the molten lead. I bought a couple 2lb lead fishing weights from a local bait shop. I then melted them down in a stainless steel measuring cup and poured the lead into the ribs and let it cool in place. I’ll need to repour it though because I have to put a nut and bolt to hold the the weight in place. Having already done it once it won’t be to intimidating next week when I finish up.


Below is a picture of the rod end bearing cut out on the front of the elevator. An acquaintance on an internet form I belong to thought it looked a little chewd up. Hopefully it looks better now.


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