About two years ago I had an odd dream. I saw a silver object set against a backdrop of crimson flame. The object looked similar to a trophy or urn. The surface was so shiney it almost looked like a mirror. The roar of the flames was deafening but the sound was more felt than heard. That’s hard to put into words adequately but the description will have to do. Then I heard two words, only a whisper but easily heard above the flames: Holy Spirit.

I can’t explain why but I’ve always felt that dream was letting me know that God was about to refine me. Just as silver has to be put in flame to separate the dross so God has to put us into situations that burn off our spiritual dross away. He has certainly done that for me these past two years. It’s been nothing dramatic like disease or near-death experiences. But what He has done is to place me in situations that have forced me to trust Him completely. He has taken me more and more out of my comfort zone and piled more and more responsibility on me. What I’m finding is that the more I humble myself and ask how I can serve those around me the more capable I seem to become. I’m handling situations now that would have sent me over the precipice of anger just a few years ago. I’m feeling genuine concern for people that before I would just feel that they were getting what they deserved. I’m finding myself worrying less about everything and just trusting that God already has it all worked out.

The more I trust and rely on my God, the more I find that His yoke truly is easy and His burden is very light. Doing what He asks isn’t always easy, but He’s always got it all planned out. All you have to do is show up.

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