Playa Del Carmen – Day 2

Day two was our first full day in Playa Del Carmen. Our plan for the day had only two items on it: lay on the beach and be idle, and go into town to buy some shoes. They would not let me got to dinner without dress shoes.

The first part of the plan was very easy. Mrs. Dutchman and I headed down to the beach lounges and dropped our stuff off. We headed immediately into the warm Carribean Sea. The water there is just the best in the world. Warm, calm, and clear. Actually it wasn’t that calm as a major storm had just blown through over the last three days. The surf was a little high but still nothing like the Atlantic or Pacific oceans.

After playing and swimming in the surf for about an hour or so we headed back up to the lounge chairs to catch some rays. The security guard on the beach brought us a large shade for the lounge chairs. So we sat in the shade and sipped drinks until about 2pm. The waiter kept bringing us drinks as soon as it looked like our glasses were about half full. He also kept snacks coming too.

At about 2pm it started to get a little cloudy and drizzle a little so we thought this would be a good time to go into town to find shoes. I went across the street from the resort and found an ATM so I could get some local cash. While there I talked to a guy who told me a good place to buy some shoes. Mrs. Dutchman and I grabbed a cab and rode across town to a very nice shopping mall. We were a little worried as to how we would get back to the hotel but found that we didn’t need to worry. There are cabs everywhere. We found a shoe store in the mall but the folks there spoke less English than I spoke Spanish. Somehow we made ourselves understood and I was able to get a nice pair of shoes. We bought some socks in the superstore across from the shoe store and then went outside to find a taxi. There was one already waiting so we jumped and said “Zona Hotelero, por favor, Royal Hideaway” At which the cabbie said “si” and took off like a shot. A cab ride anywhere in Playa Del Carmen is $50 pesos, or $5 American. That’s a pretty good deal.

After getting back from our shopping mall adventure we rested up and got ready for dinner.  Dinner was one of the more mildly disappointing parts of the trip for me.  Don’t get me wrong the food was excellent.  Mrs. Dutchman loved it.  The problem was that it was all gourmet food.  Just wonderful.  But I didn’t come to Mexico to eat gourmet Italian, Asian, or Spanish food, I came to eat Mexican food!  Well… Mrs. Dutchman loved it so I just suffered (sic) in silence.

After dinner each night we followed the same routine.  We would walk down to the beach, kick off our shoes and walk along the shore in the moonlight.  The moon was full the week we were there which made it very picturesque and very conducive to making Mrs. Dutchman very happy.  And when Mrs. Dutchman is happy, the Flying Dutchman is even happier.

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