Our church needs prayer again. We have an otherwise healthy man in the hospital struggling for every breath with no discernible cause for his condition. We have a child diagnosed with diabetes, the second child diagnosed in this otherwise healthy family. We have a woman who is on forced bed rest so that she will not go into early labor. We have a young man with a pacemaker. Several people with chronic back problems that prevent them from leading normal lives much of the time. Others are sick with colds, fevers, and boils. All this in a church numbering no more than 120; over half of whom are children. It just feels like an attack.

But the same God who healed a woman in our church with a rare form of cancer, can breathe for the breathless. The same God who blessed a woman with a child to immediately replace the child He called away from her can preserve 100,000 children with diabetes. The same God who regenerated my heart can heal the heart that doesn’t beat on it’s own. The same God whose back buckled under the weight of the cross, can make straight the backs of the afflicted who believe in Him.

I know God is sovereign and everything is unfolding according to His plans. I will trust and persevere in faith. But in the mean time, please pray for our church.

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