A faithful God

I’m not always faithful to God.  But He is always faithful to me.  The past month has been very trying on a personal level; trials at church, trials at home, trials in the workplace.  There were times where I was thinking some not very nice things.  However, God has shown us His faith and love and a lot of little ways.  A family showing up at my home, singing, and leaving gifts at precisely the time my wife needed to be cheered up.  A good friend giving me workplace advice at precisely the right time.  My wife left her purse in a shopping cart on Christmas Eve in a parking lot frequented by lower income people (one of which, we are) and a good samaritan finds her purse, calls our bank and informs them she found the purse.  She waits until my wife arrives and returns the purse and then disappears asking for no reward whatsoever.

Life hasn’t returned to normal just yet.  But my faith has grown through the last month so much.  Our God is so faithful, and now He’s teaching me to have more faith than ever.  How did I come to be so blessed?

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