RV-7 Update Christmas 2007

I finally found time to work on the RV-7. Between family, church, and work I have had very little free time. To date I’ve prepped both spars, assembled the skeleton of the left wing and begun to test fit the top inboard and outboard wing skins. This kit is incredible. When I compare the amount of work to get my RV-4 wings to this stage and what I’ve done so far it’s…incredible.

I still have to drill out and redrive some rivets on the right rear wing spar. Once that is done I will begin fitting the wing skins on the right wing. If I were to work on this project every day, these wings would be complete by summer. They go together just that fast. We’ll have to see how much time I actually have to devote to it.

To progress beyond the wing stage I will have to sell my RV-4. Before I do that I will need finish out all the minor squawks that I never have completed. I will devote some time during the annual condition inspection to do this. I’m hoping to paint it just before I sell it. But that will be dictated by finances.


Putting main top skins on.  Held on by clecos.


Bottom of wing view showing ribs.


Obligatory “ribs disappear into infinity” photo.  Everyone does them so here’s mine.

One thought on “RV-7 Update Christmas 2007

  1. What an inspiring blog! Do you remember you taking me
    up in your Champ from Oakdale a long time ago? I do.
    I have been in Folsom for 9 years now and my memories
    of Oakdale are fading fast…but I will never forget
    what a true and faithful man you were (and are).I love
    your RV but I am still flying an ultralight Flightstar,I don’t have a copy of “High Flight” with me right now but I am pretty sure there are no minimum altitudes below which the face of God cannot be touched.
    Christ be with you, my friend.

    Jim Volk

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