Coming to grips with reality

Reality really stinks sometimes but it’s all we have. I’ve come to the realization that I am not going to have the money to finish the RV-7 so I have made a painful decision. I will be selling the RV-7 kit. I will use the proceeds to finish off my RV-4 by having it painted and then I will sell the RV-4 as well. This hasn’t been an easy decision but it is the right decision.

Why? Well, my son for one reason. He is going to be needing some specialized therapy very soon and that costs money. Money that I can’t keep pouring into airplane projects. However, this doesn’t mean my aviation avocation is at an end, I do intend to reinvest some of that money into a lower cost aircraft so that I can continue to fly while not draining my family’s funds by operating an expensive aircraft.

So if anyone knows of someone who wants to get a jump on building an RV-7, send them my way.

For the curious, here is what I am planning on for the next airplane:

Rans S-6S Coyote II

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