The RV-7 may soon have a new home

Life has been a litte intense lately so I thought I’d write on a lighter topic.

I have an offer on the RV-7 kit.  The gentleman should be here in a few days with a cashier’s check in hand to pick up the kit.  I am sad to leave the world of Van’s aircraft because I’ve met a lot of really great people along the way.  But in a way I’m excited to enter a new phase of my aviation avocation.  There are new people to meet in this world too.

I’ve enjoyed planning the new aircraft and there are new challenges this time around.  On the other two airplanes the challenge was to incorporate the most state-of-the-art components I could find.  The challeng this time around is to keep costs to a minimum.  This is actually a fun challenge; more an exercise in in what I can do without.  It’s actually been very good for me.  It’s a skill that can help in all other facets of my life.

Of course there is one more step to take before I can get going on the new airplane.  I have to sell the RV-4.  That will be the next big challenge.  I’ll document the preparations and sale in future posts.

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