Happy Valentines Day

Every Valentine’s Day I go out and look for cards and every year they just seem to become more superficial. I don’t know if the cards are changing or I am changing but they don’t say what I want to say. So here is my card…

What can I tell you this day
That I don’t tell you every day?
What special words for a commercial day?
Valentine’s Day means nothing
Your tireless, self-sacrificing love means so much.
Day after day you work within our house,
You teach, you clean, you feed us.
What have you ever asked for in return?

Even now I have so many wonderful memories.
How many will I have when my life is spent?
I will remember hearing you breathe softly
As you sleep while I leave for work.
I will remember sandwiches waiting for me,
Or clean towels next to the shower.
I will remember so many changes in my life
And you saying that you had prayed for them.
No matter what the future holds

Whether the sun is shining in joy on us,
Or one of us must walk alone
In misty gray sadness;
Always cling to that which is true
Which is timeless and indestructible.
That God loves us and does what is best.
That each day we loved each other
With deliberate and God-motivated passion.

Happy Valentine’s Day love. In this world, there is no one in my heart aside from you.

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